Why Glassnode Is Investor Gateway to On-Chain Data

Are you concerned about the ever-increasing crypto market? Do you wish to stay current with the market trends and want deep insights into the crypto world? DONT FRET! Glassnode, an on-chain analysis platform, will be your helping hand. Give this article a read and know how Glassnode will offer blockchain network data.

In today’s digital world, stakeholders are investing more and more in digital assets. Digital assets like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are just a few examples of how our world has changed dramatically in the last two decades.

Statistics predict that by 2027, there will be 994.30M users in the digital assets market, implying that 12.5% of internet users will enter the network, up from the projected 8.8% in 2023. Crypto market competition is increasing daily, pushing investors to monitor market sentiments and trends to get the most out of it.

When investors use on-chain analysis, they use the information found on the public blockchain to make better business choices. This means that on-chain insights keep an eye on the flow of money on the blockchain, resulting in promising investment possibilities. Regarding reputable on-chain metrics platforms, Glassnode is the right option.

This analytical tool provides insight into miners making regular deposits to centralised exchanges (CEXs) or withdrawing to decentralised wallets.

This Glassnode guide is about platforms’ premium features and offerings, which will help you make a calculated investment choice.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it:

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What is Glassnode – Overview

Glassnode is a reputable blockchain data and intelligence provider that offers world-class infrastructure and a team of data scientists, databases, tools, and whatnot to investors. This On-Chain Data and Intelligence Platform headquartered in Switzerland aims to offer rich and valuable insights into the crypto market to help stakeholders make money more than ever.

The leading intelligence platform, Glassnode, offers the necessary tools to operate this crypto analytics platform. Moreover, the extensive selection of valuable metrics helps users get the most out of the platform with minimal investment.

Why Glassnode Is Investor’s Gateway to On-Chain Data – Prominent Features:

When it comes to unique insights and analytics, this premium platform stands out in the crowd for good reason. Glassnode promises to offer 3,500+ on-chain metrics like addresses, transaction details, network fees, and every necessary tool to navigate your digital assets.

Let us look at its remarkable features, making it a gateway to on-chain data.

On-Chain Indicators – Know How Your Coin Is Doing In the Market

Glassnode offers multiple indicators that help users keep tabs on the miner outflow, exchange flow, net unrealised profit/loss (NUPL), etc. Using this on-chain market indicator; you can get information about investor behaviour and make better decisions. This means that you get a better understanding of crypto wallet balances and transaction history.

Tracking the coin performance lets stakeholders make informed decisions about whether they should invest.

Glassnode offers the digital assets’ MVRV ratio, which gives market trend data. It provides a ratio of market value to the realised value of the coin when last moved. Using this unique feature, you can get whether the information the BTC is under or overvalued.

Few indicators measure the performance of all the stakeholders and offer the data of those with a dominating performance. It does this by keeping tabs on the duration for which the number of coins stayed in the wallet.

The LTH/STH ratio presents a profit-taking period by giving the ratio of short-term and long-term holders. SOPR metrics provide a quick insight into whether the given investment will be at a loss or profit.

Various Chart Metrics – Access Your Desired Metrics In No Time

As we have discussed earlier, metrics are the core of the platform. It would be best if you defined Glassnode with charts. Charts help investors move around and get real-time data about Coins and financial charts.

Using platforms that intelligibly visualise and organise crypto insights, you can take your analysis game to another level. Moreover, these metrics offer a better understanding of whether one should buy or sell the asset.

Charts work with the principle that users scroll down the metrics and charts in the dashboard and offer you exchange balance drops and extremes.

Supports Multiple Crypto Assets  – Compare Multiple Digital Assets

Glassnode allows users to compare multiple crypto projects. By comparing these digital shares and assets, you can get a bigger picture of valuable metrics. This feature is vital in offering visualised insights into all the coins. Suppose this happens when you line up your two desired metrics one on another. Following this, you will get an overlaid chart to help you make informed decisions about asset purchasing.

Glassnode Insights – Keeps On Assets In Real-Time:

Glassnode claims to provide critical market-leading insights in real time. We mean it when we say Glassnode insights are the most essential feature of the platform. You need not spend hours and hours researching the new updates and changes in the cryptocurrency market online because insights do their job very well.

Using unique data models and algorithms, the platform updates changes, patterns, and trends in the crypto market in articles. In other words, high-quality, easy-to-understand, well-researched articles are available in the insights. These insights contain blockchain data and market intelligence.

The comments section lets you know about the market sentiments, social trending topics, events, and related content. This cutting-edge crypto research helps you stay up-to-date in the cryptocurrency race and lets you make better decisions.

The insights tab is subdivided into Newsletter, Week On-chain, Academy, Videos, and Research. The newsletter uses financial data to bring contextualised insights into multiple digital assets like Crypto, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

If you are a beginner and are worried about how to use the platform, don’t worry because Glassnode Academy has got you covered. The Academy feature is very informative for educational purposes. It makes the platform more accessible to the newbies and boosts the traffic.

Lastly, language is not a barrier to learning since the platform offers multiple language options like Spanish, Chinese, English, etc.

Security – Prevent Your Data From Third-Party Hackers

For genuine reasons, investors look for security and safety in any digital asset platform. Security is essential. After all, you are entering your personal data. To ensure the safety of its users’ records and the integrity of the platform itself, Glassnode takes many precautions. Glassnode has implemented several safety measures, like end-to-end data encryption, two-factor authentication, third-party audits, and other necessary data protection regulations.

Glassnode is end-to-end encrypted, meaning the data is safe and secure with the platform. It offers strong data encryption, guaranteeing no one can access the data except the owner. The technique ensures that personal data stays safe and unauthorised people can’t access it.

Apart from necessary passwords, there is two-factor authentication to add premium security. This implies that whenever you log in to your account on a new device, you must enter a 2FA code sent to your personal contact number or email address.

The leading cause of the above-mentioned robust security features is preventing third-party access even if they get your login info.

PROS and CONS Of Glassnode – Is It Worth Buying

Undoubtedly, Glassnode is doing wonders in the race for the best on-chain analytic platform. After comparing its competitors, we find it among the most valuable and worth buying on-chain metrics and indicators. However, in recent years, users have witnessed a few platform shortcomings.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons:

PROS – Why You Should Buy

  • Offers precise and authentic up-to-date chain insights and analysts to help investors make informed decision
  • The platform is a win in providing a powerful interface for understanding the diverse cryptocurrency market
  • Glassnode is assisting people in keeping up with market shifts and trends
  • Offers over 3,500 metrics and a wide range of tokens and cryptocurrencies

CONS – Why You Should Not Buy

  • It doesn’t offer a personalised watchlist to keep tabs on assets of your choice.

Glassnode Pricing – How Much Does It Cost

Speaking of the pricing plan, Glassnode stands out in offering competitive pricing plans. Three pricing plans are available, so you can choose the one that suits your business level.

Let’s have a look at it and decide which one should you buy:

Standard Plan:

As the name implies, the standard plan is designed for standard-size businesses. If you are starting your business and want crypto insights, this plan is for you. The standard plan costs nothing to help spectators access on-chain market metrics and networks.

It costs 0 dollars per month, which means it is free of cost.

Furthermore, the standard plan offers a free plan. You need not enter your credit card information for signing up, which is a plus point.

So what are you waiting for? Sign now and get access to 24-hour metric resolution and 11 metrics now!

Advanced Plan:

The advanced plan is slightly more advanced and sophisticated in terms of features than the standard plan. Investors can get up-to-date portfolio monitoring and alerts for crypto at $29 per month if paid annually and $39 per month if billed monthly.

The advanced plan aims to offer in-depth crypto analytics and real-time information on your assets. This differs from the standard one because it provides one additional metric and one year of derivative historical data.

Moreover, you can get ten customer alerts at these competitive rates.

Enterprise plan:

An enterprise plan is for you if you are running a well-established crypto business and need premium features at reasonable rates.

This plan offers a customised feature option. This implies that you can get your hands on advanced blockchain data and other information at $799 per month and $799 when billed annually.


The professional plan is designed for experts and seasoned investors seeking in-depth research and specific information to elevate their company. Users can power up their trading strategies with its analyst advisory services and 3,500+ metrics, of which 13 are premium.

Institutional Plan:

Institutional plan best of all and costs high. This top-notch plan offers customised pricing options to match the needs of every single person and company. Dispensing on the needs of your business, you can add or remove your desired plans. Moreover, it provides Glassnode’s cutting-edge capabilities tailored to the requirements of large organisations.

In short, this unique plan is intended to satisfy the needs of institutional and big-ticket investors.

Best Glassnode Alternatives 2023:

Are you still confused? Want to explore more? Have a look at its alternative and decide which suits you better:

  1. LunarCrush – employs AI and ML to navigate massive amounts of digital currency information from various sources
  2. DYOR.netD – examines the live marketplaces on Binance and KuCoin for Bitcoin and US dollar pairings every 15 minutes.
  3. CryptoQuant – feeds market statistics and on-chain INSIGHTS into programming languages like Python, R, and Excel, among others, through API and saves both time and money.

Final Words – Conclusion

After reviewing and using it for some time, we have concluded that Glassnode is a win-win and performs complicated analytic tasks smoothly. Whether it’s a wide range of metrics or PoS/PoW miner’s data, this platform offers organised and authentic data.

Seasoned crypto investors can better understand market addresses,  transactions, and trends to get better profit/loss information. Moreover, the TradingView integration lets you change indicators, charts, and candles.

The platform shows its dedication to the customers with its 24/7 available customer support. Based on customer reviews, Glassnode’s customer service is top-notch since it always answers their questions and helps them out.

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