Hodlbot: Your Personal Crypto Trading Bot

Hodlbot is one of the smartest crypto trading bots as it offers a high degree of customisation and enables you to generate a dynamic investment portfolio.

Cryptos are gaining increasing momentum in different parts of the world as they are convenient to use and can be tracked easily compared to conventional currencies.

However, it is also worth mentioning that the crypto market is one of the most uncertain, and any coin can lose its value within the market, thus leading to huge losses for traders.

This is the reason that no matter whether you are new to the crypto world or an experienced folk, you are equally prone to all risks. Therefore, trading through a reliable platform is very necessary.

This article is focused on unveiling one of the smartest crypto trading bots that both new and experienced traders can consider.

Hodlbot is a crypto trading platform that has been designed specially to customise your portfolio the way you want, and it offers you numerous features at an affordable price.

Let’s have a look at this platform.

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What is Hodlbot?

Hodlbot is a cryptocurrency trading platform that can be personalised according to the needs and preferences of users.

Are you new to cryptocurrency? Do not worry, Hodlbot is one of the most reliable and trustworthy platforms designed to tailor to the needs of a wide variety of customers.

The platform allows you to generate customised portfolios, help to index the market, automatically rebalance the cryptocurrency portfolio, and whatnot.

Are you interested in doing crypto-trading on a secure platform? Then let’s explore this platform further.

How Does Hodlbot Work?

The primary reason behind the wide popularity of Hodlbot is its capability to simplify the trading of cryptocurrencies. The platform operates based on these fundamental principles. These principles include:

  1. The platform allows you to automate all trades with the help of exchange APIs. Your data is encrypted, and there is no permission to account withdrawals.
  2. Secondly, instead of trading one by one, the users can generate and manage their trade and portfolio easily with the help of this platform.
  3. Moreover, the platform only supports those crypto exchanges that are secure and liquid so the risks are minimised significantly. Presently, only Binance is supported.

Why Hodlbot Is One of the Best – Key Features

You can take your crypto to the next level with the help of these features.

Portfolio Management

The platform has worked hard and developed innovative and reliable institutional portfolio management software. This software can be accessible to all users of Hodlbot.

The purpose of this software is to provide its users with a unique capability of growing and managing their portfolio just like an experienced investor.

HODL Indices

Hodlbot believes that diversification reduces the risks and improves the return. Therefore, the platform has come up with  HODL indices that aim to benefit those who want to earn better through diversification within the market instead of choosing individual coins.

The first effort to index the market in HODL 20 is formulated by indexing 20 individual coins within the market and allotting every coin a percentage allocation depending on their weight of market capitalisation.

This index is available to every user without any management fees.

In the next step, every coin is capped at almost 10% of the entire portfolio value and anything above 10% will be redistributed to all coins having less than 10% weightage unless the sum of the portfolio is equivalent to 100%.

You must know that HODL 20 accounts for 87% of the entire cryptocurrency market. The rebalancing within this indice helps you to achieve better returns. For instance,  rebalancing after every 4 weeks incurs 0.26% of annual transaction costs.

At the same time, the capping of coins is also entailed with some limitations as it is realised that HODL20 is very volatile as capping every coin by 10% usually taking out each of the 5 high-ranking coins does not make sense all the time.

To address the limitation, Hodlbot is offering another index, i.e., HODL30 that employs a different indexing methodology inspired by CC130.   Hodlbot strives to ensure smooth market capitalisation with the help of exponentially weighted moving averages.

Another index offered by Hodlbot is HODL10, and its purpose is to benefit those who have who possess smaller portfolios like less than $200.

All HODL indices are tightly correlated with the entire market performance and are available to all users to democratise the investment process.

Customised Portfolios

Customisation is one of the most appealing features of this platform as it enables you to generate a customised portfolio with the help of advanced market metrics.

You can make your customised portfolio by first selecting the coins and weighting strategy and then assessing its previous performance. Once you are happy with the performance, you need to save the portfolio and implement it right away.

With the help of advanced market metrics, the trader needs to build your portfolio to be executed automatically. Once you have saved your portfolio, it will show up like this.

Automatic Rebalancing

Another interesting feature of this platform is automatic rebalancing. Whenever the market undergoes an unprecedented shift, there are increasing chances that your portfolio will move away from the allocated target position.

With Hodlbot, your portfolio will be rebalanced automatically to minimise the risks significantly and enhance the returns.

You must be wondering what is the best rebalancing period. To get detailed insights on this log onto Hodlbot rebalancing period.

Capable of Fulfilling Your Needs

Hodlbot is a platform that is capable of fulfilling your needs and preferences. You can build your portfolio the way you want.

For instance, you can alter the rebalancing frequency, block coins with which you do not want to do trading and liquidate your assets at any time.

Thus, it offers customisation across all features you desire and in addition to this also ensures 24/7 support to all of its users.

What Customers Say About It – Customer Reviews

Hodlbot has thousands of happy customers and all of them are satisfied with the features and performance of this platform.

The customers have highlighted that the use of this platform has enabled them to not only enhance their cryptocurrency portfolio but also save the precious time of users by offering viable options.

In addition to this, the fees of this platform are very low in comparison to other expensive platforms that interest a wide variety of customers to start with Hodlbot.

Some other reviews have indicated that this platform is one of the most effective ways to enter the crypto market via passive-index investment.

Moreover, the platform is very user-friendly, and anyone can use it easily. Considering its effectiveness, most users have recommended others to must try this platform and get rid of other expensive platforms.

How to Start With Hodlbot?

Starting with Hodlbot is very simple as you just have to follow these simple three steps:

  1. First of all, you need to signup with Hodlbot, create an account, and then verify that account.
  2. Then connect with the exchange with which you want to operate Hodlbot. There are API keys that are safely encrypted thoroughly.
  3. In the next step, you must either generate or choose a strategy. You either have to generate a customised portfolio across the advanced metrics or follow an already-created strategy.
  4. Once you finish this, you will be rebalanced automatically by clicking the utilities. Hodlbot enables you to maintain track of your portfolio by implementing these rebalances automatically.

What Types of Exchanges are Supported by Hodlbot?

Have you signed up with Hodlbot? If yes, then let me tell you another good news. Hodlbot supports a variety of exchanges to facilitate its users.

Currently, the platform supports the following exchanges

  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Bittrex

If your favourite exchange is not on the list, do not worry as Hodlbot promises to add more exchanges very soon; therefore, cross your fingers and wait for the best to come.

Pricing Plans of Hodlbot

Hodlbot offers a 7-day free trial for all of its new customers, and once your trial ends and you are interested in pursuing this platform, there are a variety of options for you.

The pricing of Hodlbot is based on the size of your portfolio and the basic rationale behind this strategy is to keep the packages affordable for even small account holders.

Based on this strategy, Hodlbot offers three types of pricing plans, and these pricing plans are discussed below:

Account Value under $500

This plan is perfect for individuals with a small crypto trading portfolio. To subscribe to this package, you will have to pay $3 per month.

Account Value with $500- $1000

This plan is designed for those who have an average size of crypto trading portfolio. Individuals interested in this plan will have to pay $6 per month.

Account Value Above $1000

This plan is best for those who have a huge portfolio and individuals interested in pursuing this plan will have to pay $14 per month

Is Hodlbot Legit – Pros and Cons


  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Less expensive in comparison to other platforms
  • Offer great customisation and allows you to make changes according to your needs
  • HODL indices are offered to all users


  • There are no trading bots in it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hodlbot is one of the smartest trading platforms as it offers a great level of customisation and enables you to design portfolios according to your needs.

Yes, Hodlbot is an entirely safe and reliable platform as it encrypts your data and restricts withdrawals. Moreover, all of the trade is done with the help of API keys to avoid any risk. The platform also offers penetration testing and monitor logs that culminate the trade in case of any doubtful activity.

No, it is not expensive at all as on ending the trial period, you will only have to pay $3 per month. The price may change in case you have a high trading volume, and even then, it is affordable as compared to other platforms.

Final Thoughts

Hence, keeping in view the prerequisites of the crypto market, i.e., smartness and swiftness, Hodlbot is one of the smartest platforms for all smart people. Hodlbot allows new and experienced traders to build their portfolios according to their convenience and enjoy good returns with automatic rebalancing.

In addition to rebalancing, all users are provided with HODL indices that help you trade confidently with minimal risks.

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