Capitalise Review: The Code-Free Trading Platform

Discover the power of automated trading with Capitalise. Streamline your strategies and execution effortlessly. Read our comprehensive review now!

In today’s dynamic financial markets, trading can be exciting and challenging. Traders look for cutting-edge tools to automate deals, streamline methods, and give insightful data to keep ahead of the competition. 

Capitalise is one such platform that has been popularising itself among traders. Capitalise provides a comprehensive set of tools for traders of all experience levels, including code-free trading automation, research and analysis tools, smart notifications, a wide selection of strategies, continuous loop trading, and multi-exchange support.

We’ll discuss Capitalise in depth and outline the platform’s unique features in this post.

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Capitalise Overview 

The Capitalise Trading App has changed how traders engage with the financial markets. It equips traders of all skill levels with more intelligent, automated trading techniques. The platform offers advanced features like exact execution at pivot points, a Library with pre-built trading methods, and a seamless connection with TradingView Alerts. 

For automated trading, you can create custom conditions and triggers to optimise entry and exit points. Capitalise guarantees that traders stay ahead in the competitive market by providing real-time data, risk management choices, and intelligent notifications. 

Capitalise offers a seamless trading experience catered to individual tastes, whether you are a hands-on trader or want a more automated approach.

Empowering Traders: The Capitalise’s Best Features Unveiled

Capitalise is a leading trading platform known for its user-friendly interface, code-free automation, and a wide range of pre-built trading strategies in the Strategies Library. With its smart notifications, traders can stay informed about market events effortlessly. These features collectively make Capitalise the top choice for traders seeking efficient and effective automated trading solutions.

Easy Ways to Automate Your Trading:

It’s long thought to be the domain of experienced programmers, trading automation. With its code-free automation platform, Capitalise challenges this idea. Traders can now automate their transactions without needing any coding experience.

Building and customising automatic trading rules is very simple using Capitalise‘s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Set your desired parameters, specify the triggers, and let the platform handle the rest.

Because of automation, traders can concentrate on advanced strategy formulation and analysis without being confined to their displays.

The code-free trading automation offered by Capitalise enables you to carry out complicated trading strategies without the need for intricate coding, saving you time and lessening the emotional strain that comes with manual trading.

Dynamic Entry Price

The dynamic entry price feature that Capitalise offers transforms the way traders carry out their deals. This innovative technology ensures optimal execution and improves trading efficiency by automatically adjusting the entry price of a trade based on market conditions.

Traders no longer have to manually create static entry points that can swiftly outdate themselves in a fast-paced market.

By enabling traders to enter positions at more strategic levels, they can increase their chances of success while reducing risk.

Smart Notifications: Stay Ahead with Real-Time Alerts on Capitalise Trading App

The Capitalise trading app’s Smart Notifications feature is a game-changer for traders looking for real-time market updates. Users of this cutting-edge application get timely alerts and updates. Capitalise guarantees that traders stay informed and can make quick, data-driven decisions. Users may quickly take advantage of trading chances with the help of the Smart Notifications feature.

In today’s fast-paced financial environment, traders can optimise their trading tactics. They can maximise earnings by remaining connected to the markets and being informed of crucial occurrences.

Unlock the Library of Strategies

You are aware of the value of having a variety of tactics available to you as a trader. You can explore many pre-built, successful trading methods in the Capitalise Methods Library.

Look over several approaches, evaluate their past results, and pick the ones that fit your trading objectives. The adaptability of the Strategies Library is what makes it so lovely. Even though the pre-built methods are a good starting point, you may modify and perfect them to suit your risk appetite and trading preferences.

Trading continuously while using loop strategies

The Capitalise Loop Strategies feature is a game-changer for traders who seek constant market engagement. Thanks to loop strategies, you can conduct trades persistently based on your predefined rules.

Capitalise will assiduously monitor the markets, spot opportunities, and execute trades automatically once you’ve set up your loop strategy. This feature is beneficial in volatile markets or when you want to take advantage of every favourable market circumstance.

Buy One, Sell One Around The Pivot

A revolutionary new tool in Capitalise’s arsenal of cutting-edge trading automation tools is the “Buy One Sell One Around the Pivot” feature. With the help of this unique feature, trading strategies can be optimised, and overall performance can be improved. Traders can easily carry out buy and sell orders based on pivot point levels with the help of “Buy One Sell One Around the Pivot,” taking advantage of potential price reversals and market opportunities.

Capitalise helps traders to profit from necessary support and resistance levels by automating these trades around pivot points, facilitating more accurate and strategic decision-making. It automates the entire process, allowing traders to concentrate on other trading areas.

At the same time, the platform expertly maintains their positions. This function is a great time-saver.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

By adding Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) methods to your trading toolkit, has listened to your requests. You may now automatically invest a fixed amount in equal increments.

Day traders and investors can raise their transaction sizes based on predetermined time intervals using dollar cost averaging (DCA).   When they receive their salary each month, an investor may make an investment in an asset.

TradingView Alerts: Seamless Integration

One of the best features of Capitalise AI is its seamless integration with TradingView Alerts.

  • Real-Time Alerts: It ensures you get real-time alerts and notifications from your TradingView account. You can quickly link your TradingView account to Capitalise AI without technical difficulties.

You can do away with the requirement to constantly monitor the markets by integrating TradingView Alerts with Capitalise AI.

Your trading is entirely under your control. It will carefully execute your instructions after you personalise your alerts and conditions in TradingView, ensuring that your trades match your trading methodology.


 ATR Indicator

For traders looking to manage the unpredictable world of financial markets, the Capitalise trading app’s ATR (Average True Range) Indicator is a vital tool. The average genuine range of an asset’s price fluctuations is computed using this feature, which provides real-time information on volatility. 

Trading professionals may efficiently manage risk with the help of this information, set stop-loss and take-profit levels wisely, and spot future trend changes.

The ATR Indicator gives users the tools they need to make knowledgeable trading choices and quickly and accurately adjust to shifting market conditions.

Assets Correlation

Traders can find and analyse the relationship between various assets in their investing portfolio using the Capitalise Assets Correlation function, a potent tool.

You can use this tool to learn important lessons like how different assets move relative to one another, enabling them to make more informed and diversified investment decisions.

By recognising potential opportunities and lowering portfolio concentration, traders can manage risk.

Reverse SRSI Cross Under RSI

Capitalise distinguishes itself as an advanced trading platform with its “Reverse SRSI Cross Under RSI” feature. A highly advantageous time for traders to join or exit positions is identified using this cutting-edge technique. It combines the Stochastic Relative Strength Index (SRSI) and the conventional Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Instead of using the RSI crossing above the SRSI as is customary in traditional techniques, the Reverse SRSI Cross Under RSI flips the methodology and offers traders additional viewpoints and trading indications. By taking advantage of this feature, traders have a competitive edge in spotting probable trend reversals and making more precise judgments.

Capitalise: Extensive Exchange and Cryptocurrency Support for Diversified Trading

Capitalise offers traders a broad range of market access and flexibility by supporting a variety of exchanges and cryptocurrencies. The platform enables a variety of exchange kinds, such as:

  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and others are supported.
  •  Select stock markets
  • Currency pair trading on Forex platforms
  • Commodities and financial instruments futures exchanges
  • Options for trading on margin

How to get started on Capitalise in easy and short steps

On Capitalise, getting started is simple and quick. To get started trading, adhere to these simple steps:

  • Sign up

 Go to the Capitalise website and create an account by giving the email address and a strong password.

  • Connect Your Exchange

Connect Capitalise to your favourite exchange account by following the straightforward integration process. This enables the trading platform to carry out trades on your behalf.

  • Discover Trading Strategies

Search the extensive Strategies Library for pre-built trading strategies that match your trading preferences and objectives.

  • Create Your Strategy

Using the platform’s user-friendly customisation options, create a strategy that meets your needs. Adjust parameters, risk thresholds, and other opportunities to match your trading strategy.

Utilise the backtesting function to test your strategy before going live and compare its performance to past market data.

  • Set Up Your Plan

Activate your strategy on the live markets.

  • Monitor and Modify

Regularly assess the effectiveness of your plan and modify settings as necessary.

  • Review and Improve

Keep your trading strategies up to date and improve based on the state of the markets and your trading goals.

Adaptable Pricing Plans of Capitalise:

Capitalise offers flexible pricing plans to meet the various demands of traders, guaranteeing that traders of all experience levels may use its cutting-edge features. 

Let’s examine Capitalise‘s pricing alternatives in greater detail:

Free Programme

Users can utilise the basic features of Capitalise’s platform for free thanks to the company’s free plan. The free plan is a great place to start for traders who wish to explore the platform’s features and get a sense of its user-friendly layout.

Basic Strategy

The Basic Plan is the next pricing tier for traders who need more sophisticated capabilities than the free plan. Additional advantages of the Basic Plan frequently include a rise in trade volume, more accessible access to more research tools, and priority customer assistance.

Advanced Plan

For traders with experience and those who demand a higher degree of customisation and automation, the Advanced Plan is designed just for them. Increased trading volume limitations, additional premium features, and access to analytical tools are frequently included in this package.

Business Plan

Capitalise may provide an Enterprise Plan for institutional investors, hedge funds, or high-frequency traders with particular needs. This strategy can be modified to meet the specific requirements of extensive trading activities.

Capitalise Reviews: Traders’ Feedback on the Ultimate Trading Automation Platform:

  • Many traders appreciate the user-friendly interface of Capitalise since it makes building up automatic trading methods easier.
  • The automating features of Capitalise have received appreciation from traders who point out the time and work it saves them.
  • The traders strongly value the intelligent notification system. Users are provided with fast information about completed trades, the effectiveness of their strategies, and market movements, allowing them to act quickly and decisively.
  • The customer service at Capitalise is well-liked among traders. The support staff is attentive and quick to answer questions or problems.

Capitalise Review: Assessing the Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Backtesting capabilities for strategy evaluation.
  • Risk management tools for trade protection.
  • Enhanced trading speed for quick execution.
  • Diversified asset classes for trading opportunities.
  • Strong focus on user privacy and security.
  • Continuous platform improvements based on user feedback.
  • Mobile device compatibility for on-the-go trading.
  • Educational resources for learning and improvement.
  • Support for versatile trading strategies.



  • Technical support limitations
  • Platform compatibility
  • Limited customisation for free plan users
  • Risk of over-optimization in backtesting
  • Potential for misinterpretation of natural language commands

Alternative Automated Trading Platforms

Comparison of 3Commas and Capitalise: Empowering Traders with Advanced Automation

Known for its broad selection of automated trading bots, 3Commas enables users to employ several pre-built strategies. The platform is appropriate for traders in the Bitcoin market because it supports a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges.

To meet the needs of traders with various requirements, 3Commas provides features like trailing stop loss and take profit, smart trade terminal, and copy trading.

On the other hand, the seamless integration of Capitalise with TradingView Alerts enables users to automate their trades based on real-time signals. Advanced automation tools offered by Capitalise, like dollar-cost averaging, precise timing, and trailing take profits, provide users complete control over their trading strategy.

The platform serves both the regular financial markets and the cryptocurrency sector.

Zignaly vs. Capitalise: A Comprehensive Comparison of Trading Automation Platforms

Zignaly is a well-known platform for trading bots that enables users to connect with different cryptocurrency exchanges and carry out automated trading techniques.

It allows both unique trading methods for more seasoned traders as well as a large selection of pre-built trading bots. Users of Zignaly can duplicate and follow the techniques of successful traders.

On the other hand, Capitalise is a distinct AI-driven methodology, traders may develop sophisticated, individualised trading strategies based on their favourite technical indicators and market conditions. TradingView Alerts and Capitalise enable seamless connectivity, enabling traders to automate their tactics based on current market signals.

Capitalise extensive feature set, which includes dollar-cost averaging, precise timing transactions, and trailing take-profit, makes it a desirable choice for investors looking for greater personalisation and control over their automated trading.

Advanced Trading Platforms: Hassonline vs. Capitalise

Advanced trading platforms with distinctive features include Hassonline and CapitaliseHassonline supports a variety of exchangers and provides comprehensive customisation possibilities. With its integration with TradingView Alerts, Capitalise excels at automation.

Individual preferences determine which option is preferable. While Capitalise is best for experienced traders looking for customisation, Hassonline is best for individuals who value automation and integration skills.

Choosing the Right Trading Platform: Cryptohopper vs. Capitalise

Both the trading platforms Capitalise and Cryptohopper are strong, yet they serve different purposes. For traders looking for automation and customisation, Cryptohopper is a powerful cryptocurrency trading bot with a friendly interface.

Capitalise, on the other hand, focuses on research, smart notifications, and integration with TradingView. The ideal option relies on personal preferences: Capitalise for research-driven traders seeking seamless connection with TradingView and Cryptohopper for automation enthusiasts.

Bitsgap vs. Capitalise

Both Bitsgap and Capitalise are cutting-edge trading systems, yet they differ significantly. In contrast to Capitalise, which specialises in advanced trading automation and connection with TradingView, Bitsgap has an intuitive user interface and supports a wide variety of exchanges.

The best option ultimately relies on your trading requirements; inexperienced traders might like Bitsgap’s simplicity, whereas experienced traders could prefer Capitalise‘s sophisticated capabilities.


With a drag-and-drop interface and straightforward language, traders may design and customise trading rules using Capitalise's code-free automation technology.

Yes, Capitalise is usable by traders of all experience levels, even newbies.

Yes, Capitalise offers thorough research and analysis tools to help traders make wise choices.

Yes, Capitalise supports a variety of exchanges, including the most popular stock exchanges, FX platforms, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Loop strategies enable traders to continuously trade by consistently carrying out deals by predetermined rules.

Final Thought

Capitalise has become a market leader in continuous trading, research and analysis, smart notifications, and code-free trading automation.

The platform’s user-friendly interface, extensive library of methods, and compatibility with several exchanges make it an appealing option for traders looking to improve their trading efficiency and outcomes.

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