Beginners Guide to Nansen On-Chain Analytics – Features and Pricing Review 2023

Is cryptocurrency something you've fully embraced? Are you a crypto enthusiast who can't stop watching the market? If so, you've probably heard of Nansen and joined their service—no need to panic if you haven't tried it yet. Come with me as I explain the platform's new features, pricing and benefits and how they may help your cryptanalysis.

With the expansion in crypto users, investors are looking for advanced and easy ways to boost their profits and sales. To get the most out of their sales purchases, investors keep a check on other investors’ activities. To do so, they rely on on-chain analytics.

These on-chain analytics and blockchain platforms act as roots for open transactions. With multiple transactions occurring simultaneously, taking the recode and making informed decisions is daunting. When investors try to keep tabs on single transactions, they need address clarification.

It is difficult to perceive two identical transactions when both belong to different groups. This is where Nansen joins the party. In the past, Svanevik noticed that &200 was transferred from one account to another, but the owners needed to be more accurate.

They needed to have information about the addresses to get the data. Blockchain data insights were the biggest need of that time, and Nansen did wonders in doing the job.

In this article, we will learn how Nansen works as the on-chain analytics:

Overview – What Do You Know About Nansen

In the past, Nansen gained a name in the on-chain market as a wallet-labeling service. Later, the developers introduced the platform as an open-source Blockchain analytics. Co-founded by  Alex, Evgeny, and Lars, Ethereum ELT has been the most user-friendly open-source technology. This analytics platform for Ethereum gathers on-chain data and offers insights into the crypto market.  

Moreover, this ETH Blockchain analyses over fifty million Ethereum wallets and presents your data about tokens, ETH flow, and stablecoins. It works in a manner that keeps tabs on funds, exchange rates, and token teams. By gathering all this data, investors can check selling trends and make informed decisions.

What Makes Nansen Smartest Choice For Crypto Investors – Best Features

This no-code crypto and blockchain analytics solution does wonders in creating deep insights and managing risks involved in your system. Users get access to the Nansen Research Portal, which allows them to get access to professional insights and make informed decisions.

Let’s look at the platform’s prominent features and see how Nansen is the smartest choice for investors.

Insights – Reduce Your Workload And Get Crypto Insights

Do you want to avoid combining on-chain data and market trends? With Nansen, your insights are different from your workload. This on-chain analytics employs strong blockchain analytics, which brings together all on-chain data and helps you make critical decisions.

By employing a complete set of analytical tools, Nansen goes deep inside the surface and brings all transaction reports and metrics to the table. These crypto insights access the public ledger of competitors’ digital assets and give you a bird ‘ s-eye view of the digital market.

With the help of cryptocurrency insights, investors can solve their blockchain shortcomings and deduce critical information. Which, in turn, helps you track 250M+ labelled addresses across 10+ chains and lets you unlock your cryptocurrency market challenges.

Get Five Insights For FREE:

One of the most overlooked aspects of the platform is that it gives you access to many analytics tools and an easy-to-use dashboard that helps you overview the crypto landscape. To help you get a grip on the ever-changing digital asset landscape, let’s have a look at five on-chain insights:

Crypto and DeFi portfolio tracking

As we know, the crypto market is increasing and becoming more complex daily. With time, portfolio tracking has become complex and gained popularity. To get track and tabs on market trends and transactions, investors spend hours and hours and get distracted from their main goal, i.e. business growth.

Luckily, Nansen Portfolio gathers information from various wallets and tack selling. This portfolio collects data from 400 protocols and  47 chains. This chain of multiple blockchains like Solana, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Cosmos, Polygon, and Harmony enables you to keep tabs on multiple crypto portfolio addresses.

In addition to keeping tabs on your investments and staking positions, the financial activity tab of your bundled wallets allows you to examine transactions on different networks. Nansen currently allows 11 chains in the transactions tab and strives to expand that number.

These insights help you understand the trading volume, number of active wallets, sales percentage, new buyers, returning buyers, active projects and prices and holistic view of the crypto market. Nansen’s chain paradise does Layer-1 and Layer-2 activity and growth metrics.

Solana Support – Assist In Solana-Based NFT Projects

Nasen is glad to announce the support of Solana NFTs for crypto analytics. Solana is the most powerful network for NFT analysts. Solana NFT analytics use real-time, on-chain data in their Solana NFT analytics dashboards, which include roughly 53,000 collections.

Among their many services, they guarantee updates on recent minting activities, buyers, sellers, and holders. Moreover, this advanced feature improves the platform by directly providing the most up-to-date information to the blockchain in real time. It assists investors in making well-informed choices about investing in NFT projects. Because of the high calibre of the data and its comprehensiveness, Solana offers multiple FREE dashboards for its members.

NFT Paraside:

Nansen acts as an NFT Paradise, which enables you to track the market 24 hours a day. As indicated, the platform protects more than 53,000 holdings and relies on real-time on-chain data to deliver you the freshest information available. Market Overview and Mint Master are the two primary sections of NFT Paradise.

Market Overview:  After opening the platform, you will see the first dashboard, Market Overview. This section gives you 24-hour data on the market’s ongoing trends and trading volume, the average price of the NFTs, the number of wallets interacting with the NFT deal, and the NFT collection’s age, among other metrics. The “Top 5 Collections” panel displays the 24-hour trading volume of the five most popular NFT collections.

Profit Leaderboard: You’ll see a dashboard labelled “Profit Leaderboard” at the web page’s bottom side that lists the best-performing NFT dealers. This list provides a summary of how they’re doing on the dashboard. The following data results in the sense that NFT Wallet Profiler allows you to delve into their transactions and accounts in further detail.

Mint Master: The Mint market feature works as a signal for fresh NFT drops. In contrast to any other similar platform, Nansen can provide the highest possible early coverage by depending on data at the contract level.

  • Its sophisticated dashboard lets you get in on the ground floor of much anticipated projects, a huge competitive advantage in the cryptocurrency market. To help you find the most talked-about price reductions, this cutting-edge blockchain platform highlights the NFT’s mint volume and FOMO intensity.

Mint Leaderboard: The Minting Leaderboard displays the wallets that have earned most strongly from minting and the amount of money those wallets have spent on the process. In this way, you may identify leading wallets and follow them on Nansen to stay abreast of their latest innovations.

NFT God Mode – Get a Better Overview of Seniority Distribution

Nansen offers a God Mode to get a set of all the 53000 collections. Nansen Lite users can enjoy the feature in the overview section.

This advanced feature gives you access to trades, holders, breakdowns and related collections. Moreover, the feature is exclusively accessible to standard subscribers. The main goal of the dashboard is to highlight different elements, including seniority distribution, wallet balance fluctuations, holder activity and other collections. These data charts and metrics help investors increase their profit percentage.

Smart Money Buys – Real-time Updates Of Market

Nansen acts as a smart money buy, meaning you get deep information on market buying and selling. Cryptocurrency investors rely highly on the market profit and loss percentage. Since they need to make wise decisions, this smart money feature helps them update about market trends.

As a record, smart money buys work better than minting in generating market profits.

Security – Make Your Crypto Business Secure

Security is the biggest concern for seasoned investors looking for on-chain analytics. When it comes to security, businesses can blindly trust Nansen. The platform prioritises the security concerns of clients and investors and keeps their records safe. With Nansen, you should be rest assured that your invoices and outgoing payment records are in their dashboard.

Moreover, the platform uses cookies so that your computer browser will give us information whenever you revisit the platform. Not only that, claims to use Dysnix software to integrate support, autonomic, reliability and, most importantly, secure infrastructure. On high customer demands, Nansen implemented safe and secure deployment for investors. It uses the Ronin blockchain validator node to keep private keys private with the platform.

Best of all, Nansen is an end-to-end encrypted platform. Data encryption ensures you have complete control of your digital assets, and you can decide whom you want to authorise access to.

To put it another way, because you own the “keys” to “unlock” the info, only you and the recipient of the invoice can see the information featured within it.

What Makes Nansen Worth Investment – Nansen PROS and CONS

PROS – Should I Buy It

  • It is an all-in-one crypto analysis
  • Offers an easy-to-use dashboard for tracking metrics and trends
  • Offers gas tracker to provide insights on the on-chain ongoings of Ethereum
  • Offers support for tokens, smart money and stablecoins
  • Offer promotional discounts on quarterly and yearly plans

CONS – Why I shouldn’t Buy It

  • The pro plan is expensive and features don’t satisfy the price
  • Sometimes customer service doesn’t respond on time

Pricing Plan – Is It Worth Investing In Nansen

As we have already discussed the pricing plans of this blockchain chain platform, it’s time to decide whether you should invest in it or not. You must be worried if it is a good match for my business. What if it is too heavy in my pocket? What if I end up wasting money?

DON’T FRET! This platform offers multiple pricing plans for different business needs. So you can review these tiers and the one which suits your pocket and business the most.

So, without future ado, let’s discuss the pricing tiers:

Standard Plan – $100/month

The standard plan costs $149 per month and is accessible to all the freshers. This affordable plan offers an NFT dashboard, Token God Mode, smart money, stablecoin master, ETH tracker, DEX trades and three custom smart alerts. Subscribers get updates of current on-chain data in real time.

VIP – $1000/Month

VIP plan offers a set of customised workflow and professional insights. This plan is good for sophisticated investors with premium research reports and a dedicated customer success manager. The VIP plan offers 100 smart alerts to check in-chain activity in real-time, along with all the standard plan features.

It also offers advanced filters, CVS downloads and access to analytics insights and tools.

Alpha – $2000/Month

Alpha Plan invites OG pioneers, leaders and crypto mavericks to become a part of the world’s premier crypto community. This plan helps you join the private network to learn from the best, jump into the future, and engage with influential people.

You can get access to professional research analysts, Alpha-only insights and events.

Enterprise Plan – Contact Sales

With an enterprise plan, you can increase profits, get insight, analyse products, and expand an ecosystem, crypto teams and funds with customised rates. You can also use the programmable query language Nansen Query to access data stored on the blockchain.

Big companies can add customised features according to their needs. For pricing information, you can contact the official website.

As a side note, if you are exploring the crypto market and want to avoid testing various platforms, sign up for Nansen Lite. This Lite counterpart offers a free setup with a few prominent features.

Conclusion – Final Words

Unfortunately, Nansen is currently solely configured for Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains. Nevertheless, platform owners keep adding new features, making it a good match for investors. In the Lite version, you can access the dashboard, Stablecoin Master, 5 Watchlist items, NFT Paradise, overview tab, NFT indexes and whatnot, which shows the platform has significant developer support.

Nansen makes sure of peer-to-peer transactions. This implies that there is no intermediary; payments are sent and received between two parties only. Nansen is constantly making improvements in its security. They keep updating their security features after reviewing customer recommendations.

Best of all, you can get promotional discounts if you buy quarterly or annual plans. On purchasing a quarterly plan, you save up to 17% and get 33% promotional discounts on subscribing to the yearly plan.

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