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Safe{Con} 2024

May 23 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

Safe{Con}, Safe’s premier smart account conference, tackles the challenge of bridging the gap between current ownership models and the future of self-custody. This forward-thinking event aims to accelerate the transition towards smart accounts, a paradigm shift in digital asset management.

Safe{Con} fosters a collaborative environment where developers, builders, and enthusiasts convene to explore the potential of smart accounts. Through a series of presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions, attendees gain valuable insights into the technical aspects of smart accounts and their real-world applications.

The conference agenda delves into the core functionalities of smart accounts, highlighting their potential to revolutionize how individuals and organizations manage digital assets. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions on security best practices, interoperability with existing ecosystems, and the broader implications of smart accounts on the future of ownership.

Safe{Con} isn’t just about technical exploration – it’s about building a community. The event provides ample opportunities for networking and collaboration, allowing participants to share ideas, forge connections, and contribute to shaping the future of smart accounts. Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain developer or simply curious about the potential of self-custody, Safe{Con} offers a platform to learn, engage, and be part of a movement redefining digital asset ownership.