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Established in 2005, Yamgo is a pioneering UK-based technology firm committed to developing advanced consumer-centric solutions in rewards, incentivization, and fintech across advertising, media, and retail sectors. With a decade-long history of innovation, they provide businesses with vital infrastructure for building strong connections and meaningful interactions with customers. Operating with a focus on maximizing consumer attention while prioritizing data privacy, they are esteemed for their integrity in the digital realm. Utilizing Hedera Hashgraph, they offer a highly secure Crypto wallet, enabling users to manage digital assets and earn attractive crypto rewards securely. With a thriving community of over 187,000 registered users, they provide multiple avenues for crypto accumulation, including staking, daily boosts, and engagement with multimedia content and promotions. Their ethos centers on continuous innovation and delivering seamless, rewarding experiences for businesses and consumers, establishing them as a leader in fintech and digital rewards platforms.

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