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WeMine is a Dubai-based company that positions itself as a gateway to crypto mining success, catering to the needs of crypto miners both in the UAE and internationally. The firm emphasizes a miner-centric approach by working closely with experts to advance mining technology and delivering personalized support and tailored solutions. They strive to make crypto mining more accessible, providing state-of-the-art equipment for all levels of miners from beginners to seasoned professionals​ (Wemine)​. Segments, on the other hand, presents itself as a comprehensive solution provider for crypto mining in the UAE, offering a variety of high-performance mining machines suitable for Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies. The company also provides additional services such as easy hosting plans, after-sales support, fractional purchase options for those looking to try before they buy or those on a budget, and assistance with setting up mining centers. Segments has been active in Bitcoin mining since 2017 and utilizes its experience in the field to help customers navigate various challenges associated with crypto mining in the UAE, from procurement and infrastructure to risk management​ (Bitcoin Mining Dubai)​.

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