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Venue One

Venue One is a revolutionary blockchain predictions exchange that allows users to take positions on any future event within the world of sports, eSports, finance and more. Their non-custodial platform ensures their users benefit from maximum security and complete control over their funds. They are committed to creating an open financial system for all by providing their users with access to markets they otherwise would not be able to explore. With decentralization at its core, Venue One will revolutionize the traditional prediction market with faster payments, improved scalability and lower transaction costs – allowing everyone an equal opportunity in taking part in these unique markets. Their mission is to provide unmatched transparency while caring for user’s digital assets through secure solutions that empower them with greater autonomy over their funds - ensuring trustless transactions each time! As they strive towards this vision, Venue One seeks to become the most dependable source when it comes to decentralized prediction exchanges globally.

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