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TxQuick – Blockchain Trading

TxQuick Blockchain Trading, now rebranded as BlocPal Exchange following its acquisition by BlocPal in early 2022, is poised to launch in mid-2023 with a renewed focus on security, transparency, and trustworthiness. Led by CEO Ethan Burnside, a veteran in blockchain mining and exchange projects since 2012, the company has a rich history of innovation and customer-centric operations. Burnside's journey began with the establishment of a Litecoin Mining Pool and LTC-Global exchange, followed by the successful BTC Trading Corp, which quickly gained popularity among cryptocurrency traders. Despite facing challenges such as SEC concerns in late 2013, Burnside's commitment to security and customer satisfaction remained steadfast. During the closure of their exchanges, Burnside ensured that customers could withdraw their funds, highlighting their dedication to customer protection and platform integrity. Now, with a seasoned team, Burnside aims to establish BlocPal Exchange as the world's premier blockchain trading platform, building on their proven track record and commitment to excellence in the crypto industry.

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