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StreamCoin (STRM) is a blockchain company focused on integrating Web2 and Web3 users through a video streaming and NFT-centric ecosystem. Its primary offerings include the STRMNFT marketplace, facilitating the buying and selling of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and MeiTalk, a multi-streaming service. These platforms utilize advanced technologies and a high-throughput blockchain network, with the STRM token being listed on over 115 exchanges. StreamCoin also provides ancillary services such as the Stream Bridge swapping service, facilitating token exchanges, and the Stream Chain (Mainnet) blockchain solution. Additionally, they have developed the NSTA_602 NFT token standard specifically for creating video NFTs. Overall, StreamCoin aims to provide versatile utilities for global users within the realms of video streaming and NFTs, leveraging blockchain technology to bridge traditional and decentralized web paradigms.

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