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Startbahn, an art tech company based in Asia, specializes in developing Startrail, a blockchain infrastructure designed to ensure the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The company is recognized as a leader in its field and has garnered trust from respected stakeholders within the art industry. Their flagship product, Startrail, is utilized for issuing NFTs for artworks traded on various prominent platforms such as Sotheby's, OpenSea, SBI Art Auction, and Shueisha Manga Art Heritage. Notable works by artists like Claude Monet and Ryoji Ikeda, as well as prestigious private collections like the Taguchi Art Collection, have benefited from Startbahn's blockchain infrastructure. Startbahn's primary focus is on providing blockchain solutions that empower stakeholders across the entire spectrum of the art market. By permanently recording provenance, auction results, exhibition history, and artist-direct terms and conditions, Startrail aims to protect and enhance the value of artworks over the long term. Beyond the realm of fine art, Startbahn is expanding its services to other industries such as fashion, sports, and gaming, by extending the issuance of their blockchain-powered Security Registration Rights (SRR). With a diverse team comprising engineers, designers, artists, curators, and marketers from over 14 countries, Startbahn is committed to leveraging NFTs to foster greater creativity and fairness in marketplaces, both domestically in Japan and on a global scale.

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