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Soap is a company specializing in facilitating institutional liquidity within the NFT (non-fungible token) markets. Their core mission revolves around providing robust and customized financial infrastructures tailored specifically for NFT trading. Established by individuals from DrBurry's team, renowned for pioneering algorithmic NFT market-making, Soap aims to forge innovative avenues for liquidity, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the non-fungible market landscape. Their operational philosophy centers on embracing trustless, non-custodial, and chain-agnostic technologies. By prioritizing these principles, Soap endeavors to furnish dependable and institutional-grade market infrastructures. Through their approach, they seek to address key challenges within the NFT space, particularly concerning liquidity provision and market efficiency. By empowering institutional liquidity, Soap plays a significant role in shaping the broader NFT industry, contributing to its maturation and evolution. Their focus on tailor-made solutions and adherence to cutting-edge technologies positions them as a key player in advancing the infrastructure necessary for the continued growth and stability of the NFT market.

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