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OZYS stand as a pioneering force in South Korea's blockchain development landscape, fervently dedicated to fostering cohesion amidst the fragmented blockchain sphere. Guided by the ethos of ""Connecting the Unconnected,"" they embark on a relentless journey to unify disparate ecosystems within the blockchain realm. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, they harness cutting-edge technologies to construct bridges across diverse platforms. At the heart of their endeavors lie their flagship projects, each a testament to their vision of seamless integration. Among these projects, Belt Finance, KLAYswap, and Orbit Chain stand out as pillars of ingenuity and functionality. Orbit Chain, their crowning achievement, epitomizes the company's commitment to excellence. This Proof-of-Stake Consensus-based blockchain serves as a unifying force, binding together various blockchains to harmoniously blend disparate standards and ecosystems. Central to Orbit Chain's infrastructure is Orbit Bridge, a native interface facilitating intuitive asset swaps across heterogeneous chains. Currently, Orbit Chain extends its support to over 8+ public blockchains, including stalwarts like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Klaytn, ICON, and Terra.

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