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OwlGaze operates as a cybersecurity software company, renowned for its flagship product, Blacklight AI SIEM. This proprietary predictive AI-based SIEM and threat detection software offers top-tier security solutions. Functioning as a cloud-native monitoring and detection platform, Blacklight serves as a central command hub for organizations, boasting flexibility and extensibility in its design. In conjunction with OwlGaze's SOC services, the company bolsters clients' monitoring, detection, and response capabilities, prioritizing proactive surveillance. Blacklight's capabilities encompass monitoring, detection, and prediction of sophisticated threats, facilitating intelligent responses and preventing cyber-attacks across various sectors, including IT, OT, and emerging ecosystems like Web3/Blockchain. The team at OwlGaze boasts extensive expertise in cybersecurity standards and practices, equipped with technical skills to address complex cyber issues and adapt to evolving threats. Supported by IMS Digital Ventures and Integrated Management Systems, OwlGaze stands as a formidable force in the cybersecurity landscape.

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