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Embark on a journey into the innovative realm of Kongtech, where pioneering technology meets boundless imagination. Far beyond merely being recognized as the premier beacon company, Kongtech has transcended boundaries, emerging as an industrial metaverse platform. Their legacy is steeped in the creation of cutting-edge Bluetooth/UWB-based tags, scanners, and IoT devices, underpinned by a foundation of advanced signal processing, antenna design, circuitry, and software development technologies. However, their vision extends far beyond the tangible realm. Introducing Obrow World, a revolutionary virtual universe meticulously crafted by Kongtech. Here, the lines between reality and the digital domain blur as data streams seamlessly from a myriad of digital devices – from IoT sensors to surveillance cameras, access control systems, and network infrastructure – converging to construct a virtual landscape more efficient and dynamic than the physical world itself. At Kongtech, they are architects of digital transformation, seamlessly integrating the real and virtual realms to catalyze innovation and drive progress. Step into a realm where possibilities are limitless and boundaries are mere illusions. Experience the future with Kongtech – where innovation knows no bounds.

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