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Komon is a visionary platform empowering creators of all kinds to launch NFT-accessed spaces, transforming how they monetize and engage with their communities. Founded in early 2022, Komon addresses the shortcomings of today's creative industries, where creators are often stuck in a cycle of producing algorithm-friendly content, leading to detachment from their craft and under-monetization (even the highest-paid creators globally earn less than $1 per supporter per year). Simultaneously, users are trapped in a loop of excessive content consumption driven by advertising-based models. Komon's innovative approach aims to revolutionize monetization and engagement by enabling creators to establish exclusive online spaces accessible through purchasing an NFT, serving as an access key and membership card. These spaces offer supporters a sense of belonging, empowerment, and curated community interaction. Recently securing a $2M pre-seed round with reputable European and US VCs and angel investors, Komon is assembling a world-class team to develop an exceptional product tailored to meet the needs of creative communities. The company's vision is to empower any creative community to transcend its current limitations. If you share their passion for leveraging technology to enhance creators' and communities' livelihoods, they would love to connect with you!

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