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IDNFT is the largest NFT and Web3 community in Indonesia, dedicated to fostering education and adoption by bridging the gap between industry players and the local user base. Their mission is to make NFTs, Web3, and Blockchain technology more accessible by providing knowledge, guidance, and community support. They believe that these technologies will have long-term benefits for Indonesia and are committed to assisting in their adoption by embracing, educating, and empowering their members. Their diverse community includes NFT creators and collectors, Web3 developers and builders, and individuals interested in the Blockchain ecosystem, crypto, AI, and the Metaverse. In 2023, they established partnerships with over 10 major campuses in Indonesia to support education, research, and adoption. They organized Campus and City Roadshows at more than 10 universities in 5 cities, engaging with over 5,000 students. Over the past year, they have conducted more than 50 activities, including Web3 On Campus, Temu NFT & Web3, Metaverse & Offline Exhibitions, AMA, NFT Talks, Mint and Collect Fund, IDNFT Academy, Competitions, and collaborative programs. Their commitment to promoting adoption is ongoing, with over IDR 150,000,000 disbursed in mint and collect funds. They have also established collaborations with government entities, industry players, media organizations, associations, and various communities. Their latest partnerships include global and local organizations such as Binance, Solana, Algorand, Tezos, Near, Pintu, Tokocrypto, Lenovo, Acer, Kominfo, and more than 50 other renowned brands and businesses.

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