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ICONOMI is a groundbreaking platform that serves as a gateway for businesses and retail investors to enter the cryptocurrency market. Utilizing a trade engine built on top of multiple global exchanges, ICONOMI ensures users get the best prices for their transactions, offering exchange diversification for enhanced trading opportunities. The platform's cutting-edge technology allows users to build and monitor their cryptocurrency portfolios in a traditional investment sense. Users can set their own risk parameters, and the platform automatically rebalances their portfolios regularly to maintain the desired asset allocation. For newcomers to cryptocurrency investing, ICONOMI offers the option to replicate and track the strategies of successful investors and Strategy managers. These experienced professionals manage portfolio composition, rebalancing, and market monitoring, providing a hands-off approach for investors seeking expert guidance. Key features of ICONOMI include being FCA-registered, offering both private and public strategies, utilizing hot and cold storage for security, ensuring 100% asset segregation, providing balance sheet custody, and implementing robust risk mitigation measures. Manage your crypto investments with ease and security on ICONOMI's platform, accessible anytime and anywhere at [](

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