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Gigantik focus on customer engagement and loyalty through various means such as rewards, gamification, commemorative collectibles, and loyalty programs. They aim to create memorable experiences that foster passion and partnership with customers. 1. **Rewards Programs**: These businesses design and implement reward systems where customers earn points or benefits for their purchases or engagement with the company. These rewards can range from discounts on future purchases to exclusive access to products or events. 2. **Gamification Platforms**: These companies integrate game mechanics into non-game contexts to engage customers. This could involve challenges, competitions, or progress tracking, all aimed at motivating customers to interact more with the brand. 3. **Commemorative Collectibles**: Businesses in this category create and sell limited edition or special commemorative items related to events, milestones, or popular culture. These items often hold sentimental value for customers and serve as tangible reminders of their connection to the brand. 4. **Loyalty Programs**: These businesses focus on building long-term relationships with customers by offering incentives for repeat purchases or continued engagement. Loyalty programs may include tiered membership levels, personalized offers, or VIP benefits.

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