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Fanfury is a virtual gaming platform combining elements of Daily Fantasy Sports, RPG Lore, and Blockchain Mechanics. It aims to introduce blockchain concepts into fantasy sports gameplay and address hurdles in the Fantasy Sports Industry by utilizing Application-Specific Blockchain and a 2nd layer network controlled by Data Oracles to enhance security, scaling, and incentives. Fanfury seeks to deliver digital ownership, transparency, liquidity, and decentralization, utilizing crypto-sponsorship, fan tokens, and non-fungible tokens (NFT). It aims to revolutionize revenue streams and fan experiences while enhancing trust and transparency in online gaming. Chainlink, Band protocol, and Supra decentralized oracles are utilized by Fanfury to bring fantasy sports to Terra, aiming for a more transparent, accessible, and cost-effective ecosystem. Through player smart contracts, it automates processes such as scoring rules, determining winners, and paying out winnings, fostering a deflationary economy without 2% burn. As online bookmakers evolve, Fanfury anticipates a significant impact on the future of sports betting, offering global financial accessibility.

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