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Emoji Games

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Emoji Games

Emoji Games, founded in 2005 in London, UK, initially focused on delivering mobile games globally in partnership with Samsung Mobile. Since relocating its headquarters to Lucerne, Switzerland, in 2012, the company expanded its operations to six worldwide offices. In 2018, Emoji Games shifted its focus towards blockchain technology, launching Pocket Arena, a Web3 Esports and NFT marketplace powered by POC. With a strong emphasis on blockchain, Emoji Games aims to innovate within the gaming industry by leveraging decentralized technologies. Furthermore, they have ventured into developing a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform called "Brand Metaverse" (formerly Branded Mini-Games), which aims to utilize artificial intelligence and gaming elements to enhance customer service experiences for brands. The platform offers features such as custom chatGPT, games, vouchers, and multilingual support in 96 languages, intending to transform brand-customer interactions into immersive virtual experiences.

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