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Dexola is a dynamic blockchain consultancy combining the agility of a boutique firm with the resources of their parent company, Trinetix. With access to Trinetix's vast pool of development, design, and automation experts, Dexola empowers forward-thinking businesses to shape a bolder future. Their expertise lies in smart contract development, with successful projects spanning CEX/DEX crypto exchanges, DeFi and GameFi platforms, NFT-marketplaces, custodian and cross-chain solutions, crypto trading and analytics tools, and financial instruments for developing markets. Dexola offers a range of in-house white-label products, including an NFT-marketplace, crypto bridge, and custodian solution, to accelerate your time to market. They specialize in EVM-compatible blockchains, with extensive experience in Ethereum, Binance Chain, Fantom, and Polygon. Dexola also provides smart contract security audits, leveraging their deep understanding of blockchain development to ensure your contracts are robust and secure. Additionally, Dexola offers crypto and trading-related tools, such as trading bots, analytics, and monitoring systems, as well as expertise in crypto-ready conventional applications and business automation. By tapping into Trinetix's resources, they can assist with mobile development, enterprise-level web apps, AI/ML tools, RPA, chatbots, and UI/UX design, making them your one-stop shop for all your blockchain and business automation needs.

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