Cryptotrader Tax (now CoinLedger)

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Cryptotrader Tax (now CoinLedger)

CoinLedger (formerly Cryptotrader Tax) is a revolutionary crypto tax reporting software for the cryptocurrency market. They provide users with a reliable, accurate way to calculate their digital asset taxes in minutes. Their mission is to make crypto compliance simple and straightforward, helping to ensure that everyone can stay on top of their investments and remain compliant with ever-changing regulations. Their unique value proposition brings together cutting-edge technology coupled with deep expertise in the cryptocurrency industry, making them an invaluable partner who simplifies complex tax reporting issues associated with cryptocurrencies. With their service, they strive to empower investors by giving them more time and confidence so they can pursue new opportunities as the blockchain space continues its rapid expansion. Their vision is for CoinLedger to become the go-to source for all of your crypto taxation needs worldwide!

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