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Cosmostation is an industry-leading validator node operator and enterprise-level infrastructure provider for distributed ledger technology (DLT), headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. With a focus on networks utilizing Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, Cosmostation offers unparalleled expertise in running validator nodes across a range of PoS networks. Their commitment to decentralization and user empowerment is reflected in their suite of products and services. In addition to validator node operation, they develop and maintain a range of user-focused applications, including the Mintscan Block Explorer and the Cosmostation Wallets for iOS, Android, and Web. These applications provide in-depth features tailored to each network's specific modules, ensuring users have the tools they need to engage with decentralized finance securely and efficiently. As a validator node operator, Cosmostation secures networks such as the Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Persistence, Sentinel Network, Chainlink, Shentu (CertiK) Chain, Kava Network, Chain, Band Protocol, Iris Hub, and many more, with over $150 million in assets staked collectively. This commitment to security and reliability has made them a trusted partner for projects seeking to leverage the power of PoS networks. Furthermore, Cosmostation is actively involved in open-source contributions, particularly in JavaScript development for the Cosmos ecosystem (CosmosJS). Their dedication to advancing the capabilities of DLT extends beyond their products and services, making them a key player in the ongoing evolution of decentralized technologies.

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