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CoinTracking is a revolutionary cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and tax software, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses track their investments in the crypto market. As the leading crypto portfolio tracker in the market, their platform has attracted over 1.1 million customers worldwide since 2013 - including 25k+ corporate clients with a combined portfolio value of over $41.5 billion. Their unique value proposition is to provide an easy-to-use interface for users wanting to manage digital assets across multiple exchanges – ultimately giving their customers transparency and control over their finances in one central dashboard. They are committed to making cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone, so that they can confidently pursue their financial goals without worry or fear of missing out. Their mission is to provide world-class crypto tracking services which enable people around the globe access to secure investment opportunities through empowering them with actionable knowledge about their portfolios. Their vision is ambitious – they aim to revolutionize how investors interact with cryptocurrencies by continuously offering innovative solutions that make it easier than ever before for anyone interacting within this fast-growing asset class!

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