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Chiliz is revolutionising the world of sport by bringing real-time financial engagement to fan experiences. They empower fans with the opportunity to participate in sports and esports through blockchain technology, which allows users to engage on deeper levels with teams, tournaments, and leagues. Their unique value proposition utilises secure digital contracts that enable fans to back their favorite athletes or teams - turning fandom into a powerful tool for expressing passion as well as investing in relationships they hold dear. Chiliz’s mission is twofold: firstly, they strive to provide accessible tools that allow non-professional investors the ability to invest in sporting success; secondly, they are committed to giving fans around the world an engaging and interactive way of showing their loyalty while being rewarded for doing so – all without early adoption friction barriers. Their vision is a future where communities unite under shared passions – whether it be a team or game - allowing them access and monetary gain from investments made in success stories they believe in.

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