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Casper Network

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Casper Network

Casper Network

Casper is a smart contract platform built to enable creators, communities and businesses to interact online with trust and integrity. Through their revolutionary service, they are committed to empowering all individuals and organizations in the global online space - no matter their size or resources. They believe that by open-sourcing public data, facilitating decentralised applications (DApps) powered by blockchain technology, and providing developers and users alike with an intuitive interface, they can help build strong relationships between people across the world. Their mission is clear: to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology for everyone through transparency, collaboration and user choice; while their vision is focused on creating a safe place where connected parties are free from verification fees or hidden terms & conditions. Together, they will make it possible for everyone regardless of location or financial ability to benefit from secure transactions without relying on any single entity’s control over digital data.

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