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ByteTrade Lab

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ByteTrade Lab

ByteTrade Lab, based in Singapore and supported by investors such as Susquehanna International Group (SIG) Asia Venture Capital Fund, focuses on building Web3.0 infrastructure and fostering projects within this space. Their flagship project, Terminus OS, aims to create a decentralized operating system utilizing personal servers controlled by private keys. This system seeks to decentralize the application and protocol layers of the internet, shifting data ownership to users. Additionally, ByteTrade Lab engages in incubating and early-stage investing in Web3.0 ventures, facilitating the development of decentralized internet applications on Terminus OS. Their efforts aim to support and empower Web3.0 developers by providing resources such as technology expertise, product development, business planning, go-to-market strategies, and funding opportunities. Through these initiatives, ByteTrade Lab seeks to contribute to the evolution of the internet towards decentralization and user data ownership.

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