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Blackmouth Games, a pioneering Web3 gaming studio headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is dedicated to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming communities. Their mission is to create a seamless gaming platform that combines the familiarity of Web2 experiences with the advantages of Web3 technology. At the heart of their endeavor is DOMENATION, their flagship F2P Web3 shooter game. This groundbreaking title redefines the gaming landscape by offering a Web2-like experience enhanced by the benefits of Web3, such as true ownership of in-game assets and decentralized gameplay. What sets them apart is their commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries. As the first European indie studio to develop a shooter battle royale game, they've tackled one of the gaming industry's most significant challenges head-on. Supported by esteemed partners like Chromaway, Nexxyo Labs, AWS, Lanzadera, YBVR, and Madrid In Game, they're poised to revolutionize the gaming world and create a more immersive, rewarding gaming experience for players worldwide.

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