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Bitdeer Technologies Group (Nasdaq: BTDR) stands at the forefront of the blockchain and high-performance computing industry, boasting a position as one of the largest proprietary hash rate holders and hash rate suppliers worldwide. The company's core mission is to deliver comprehensive computing solutions tailored to their customers' needs. Founded by Jihan Wu, a renowned figure and early advocate in the cryptocurrency realm, Bitdeer benefits from Mr. Wu's visionary leadership as Founder, Chairman, and CEO. Complementing this leadership, Linghui Kong, Bitdeer's CBO, brings profound industry insights and technological acumen to the table. Headquartered in Singapore, Bitdeer operates mining data centers across the United States, Norway, and Bhutan. Their offerings include specialized mining infrastructure, premium hash rate sharing products, and reliable hosting services for a global clientele. Additionally, Bitdeer caters to customers with high artificial intelligence demands through their advanced cloud capabilities. Emphasizing dedication, authenticity, and trustworthiness, Bitdeer is steadfast in their commitment to becoming the world's most reliable provider of full-spectrum blockchain and high-performance computing solutions.

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