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Founded in 2019, ACT GAMES emerged as a collective of seasoned professionals hailing from gaming giants like NCSOFT, Netmarble, Nexon, and Neowiz. Their driving force? To craft immersive content that resonates across borders, bridging cultures through technology. With a rich tapestry of experience in game development and service, they forge partnerships with global IP holders to seamlessly integrate their beloved characters and worlds into their creations, ensuring an authentic and captivating experience for players worldwide. Over the past three years, ACT GAMES has left an indelible mark on the industry, collaborating with iconic IPs such as Sanrio's Aggretsuko, Fujiya's Peko, and Taito's Bubble Bobble. Their recent venture with Takara-Tomy's Zoids Wild further showcases their prowess in harnessing the essence of beloved franchises. Despite their youth, we've demonstrated unparalleled prowess in IP licensing and content creation, rivaling industry stalwarts in quality and innovation. Beyond game development, they're pioneering blockchain technology in gaming through strategic global partnerships. While modest in size, ACT GAMES is making waves on the global stage, continuously evolving and expanding their repertoire. From their humble beginnings in puzzle games to venturing into Trading Card Games (TCGs), they're eagerly anticipating the launch of their upcoming hyper shooting game

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